27 October 2010

Custom firmware for caanoo

The first custom firmware for caanoo is here!

Download the custom firmware (1.06b based) from download.binarycell.org

Hardware working:
* TouchScreen
* Joypad
* SPI (gyroscope)
* Haptic (vibration engines)

Usb and wireless are not tested, but assume work

Wireless must be the same functionality as 1.06 (no WPA-PSK)

Posted at BinaryCell


  1. what are the benefits of this firmware over the stock firmware?

  2. At this time nothing, is a simple proof of concept of kernel compilation for caanoo, replacing the official firmware with this one.

    In future releases, I hope to add features that people needs, like support for other wifi dongles, external devices suck as 3G modems, ipx networks, nfs remote mount etc...

  3. I have wpa2-psk with every firmware.

    It depends on the wifi chipset you choose ;-).

  4. Could You also post kernel config you are using, and explain how to get the final kernel image ?

    Good work anyway. I have spent some time trying to get some working modules for the caanoo without success.

  5. Sure, the kernel configuration is at the same path of firmware http://download.binarycell.org/gph/firmware/config2 is the latest at this moment

  6. For get the kernel image, use "make gk"

  7. Thanks for the quick answer. I'll try to compile some modules and keep you informed.

  8. It seems that I'm a little late ;)
    Could I ask about details how did you build the firmware? I'd like to port OpenDingux for the Caanoo (buildroot config is ready but for some reason filesystem is no mounted)


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