Samsung Galaxy Tab on vmware fussion

No software from samsung for this device in Apple Macintosh environments at this moment, the only way is using bootcamp or virtualize...

When connect this device to vmware fussion, the device shuts down the usb connection inmediatly, this is caused by vmware functionality that resets de usb connection before connect to the virtualized system... To disable this functionality add this lines to your .vmx configuration file of virtual machine:

usb.quirks.device0 = "0x4e8:0x681d skip-reset" # Mass Storage
usb.quirks.device1 = "0x4e8:0x68a9 skip-reset" # Media
usb.quirks.device2 = "0x4e8:0x6877 skip-reset" # Kies

Enjoy with the horrible kies software :)

Source: VMWare Communities forum

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